Options For Live Streaming Law Enforcement UAS Footage

Over the last 2 years, drones have grown into a legitimate front line tool for public safety. From scene size-up to accident reconstruction, police drones are being deployed in a host of ways across the country. As law enforcement agencies grow their drone fleets, the need for software that enables fleet and personnel management, as well as live streaming is increasing as well. Today, we’ll take a look at three best known services on the market today: Cape, DroneSense and Kittyhawk.



Cape is regarded by many as one of the premier drone services on the market. Cape's Aerial Telepresence offers users the ability to fly a long range drone and control its camera from anywhere in the world. On the Cape website you even have the opportunity to fly a drone with your keyboard, from the comfort of your desk.


Cape also employs a team of experts that will do everything from help you select the proper drone for your individual needs, to test the drone before delivery to ensure proper use. Their experts will show you how to properly assemble your drone's hardware and walk you through the software you will be using to guide and control your drone and its camera. As a key component of the groundbreaking San Diego IPP, Cape has emerged as a primary player in the public safety drone software fight.





DroneSense offers the user the ability to plug their tablet directly into the drone remote, via the downloadable Pilot app, to control the drone, or fly pre-planned autonomous flights that are easily programmed into the drone software. The sharp, high definition images captured by the drone can be viewed and shared real-time to a host of users. These users can also, via the software, engage in live chat to strategize and mark points of interest.


What DroneSense offers first responders is invaluable. Between the varied ways of controlling the drone and the clear imaging and ability to engage other first responders across the platform in real time, DroneSense allows departments to make crucial life saving decisions with accurate information.





Kittyhawk promotes itself as "Pilot First," believing that "the tools and software that drone pilots use should be as cool, innovative and reliable as the aircraft [they] fly." Rest assured that from pre-flight weather, software and hardware checks; to real time in-flight data, imaging and support; to post flight analysis and system checks Kittyhawk has you covered. The incredibly user friendly and intuitive Kittyhawk App can be downloaded and run from your smart phone or tablet.


All three of these services offer safety and reliability, two of the most important things for police drone operators. They each come with a slightly different focus and approach, but all honor a commitment to excellence for the first responder working hard to save lives.


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